Supriya Dev-Purkaystha

Hi I'm Supriya Dev-Purkaystha, growth hacker, digital specialist and founder of management consultancy Connect Growth. Im my spare time I mentor upcoming black, asian and ethnic minority talent within the marketing industry.

I write about all things marketing, in particualr growth hacking, digital transformation and audience-centric strategies. I'm passionate about Diversity and Inclusion and write about my lived experiences as a woman of colour and leadership.

Connect Growth is a network of marketeers and consultants specialising in delivering growth for agencies, brands and people.

At Connect Growth, we are obsessed with growth. We have a proven track record in breaking down barriers and navigating the uncomfortable situations often faced when growing, supporting leaders and their teams throughout the journey, propelling them to new heights. Whether its evolving products and services, delivering sales and revenue, penetrating, and expanding into markets or realising personal and professional growth, our experts will map out your growth journey and support you every step of the way.


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Supriya Dev-Purkaystha

An inspiring and authentic leader with 17 years’ experience in marketing, growth hacking for brands such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, Wilko & Virgin and Easy Hotels